2015-05-29 kenna marie “Kenna Marie”
Just wanted to say thanks for my best friend.  She has added so much to my life these past years
Pamela – MB
xmas Deeg “Deeg”
Deeg has quickly become a very important member of our family. He has such a gentle, sweet temperament. He loves to snuggle and his antics make us laugh.
Patrick, Erica & Family – SK
charlie  “Charlie”
Thank you Bev, Charlie is amazing and so are you …9 wks old and already barks to go outside .We are so Thankful we found you and appreciate all you have done ! BEST DOG …BEST BREEDER….
Matty & Barb – BC
Bennie-SK  “Bennie”She’s an absolute sweetheart with a temperament to die for – I’ve never seen a dog as friendly and sociable.

Christina – SK

Cera-ON  “Cera”She is the most adorable lovable little girl. She loves all of the grandkids.  I can’t say enough good things about the dog and the help the Epp’s have given me since the purchase of our precious Cera.

Maureen – ON

Liberty-ON  “Liberty”She has tons of energy and always keeps us on our toes…..sleeps with us every night

Melissa – ON

Lucie-sc  “Lucie”She is the love of our lives.  What a sweet girl.

Cheryl – SC

teulon (8)  “Teulon”My vet was impressed by his calmness and felt he was an outstanding example of his breed.  My children adore him and fight over who gets to sleep with him. I don’t think we could have gotten a better, sweeter baby anywhere! We hope you will trust us in the future to own another of your great pups.

Donna – FL

Oscar  “Oscar”He has a wonderful personality and is very loving.

Shelly – BC

Howie  “Howie”Howie has charmed all of the ladies with his good looks and sweet personality, and has become known as “Handsome Howie”.  He loves cuddling and laying in the sun.

Patti & Bob – MB

sophie and oggie  “Sophie & Oggie”Lovable,cute,and the best puppies anyone could ask for.

Lindsay – MB
Jim & Kathy – ON

Lace  “Lace”She is such a joy.  You’ve done a wonderful job with this little lady.
Janet – ON
cassie rae.jpg  “Cassie-Rae”Cassie-Rae is a wonderful addition to our family.  She is unique and has a personality that makes our days special.  She makes us smile.  Thank you for letting her come home with me.

Sherin – ON

Annie-mb  “Annie”She’s been a great addition to the house.

Delia – MB

Teddy2  “Teddy”Our family is so greatful for all your help and guidance with Teddy. We are so appreciative to have come across a breeder of the longhaired dachshund that is so honest and also, cautious ensuring all your puppies are given to great and loving homes. A message to anyone whom wishes to add one of Bev’s puppies to complete their family, “you are in trusting hands, with Bev!”.   We think this breed of dog is beautiful and they are absolutely the best family dog all around…..we are so pleased with Teddy.  He is a true joy and he makes us all happy.
Tammy – ON
barkergirls  “Bella, Carmen, and Emma”Bella, Carmen & Emma are an absolute delight.  They keep us all amused every minute of the day with their antics and overflowing affection. What a treat it is to be able to share every day with our little girls.
Thanks, Randy & Bev!
Barker Family – SK
09-09-09bastian4  “Bastian”I don’t think you realize how good you are at what you do with the dogs!  It was very cool watching you demonstrate how you work with them. You are truly honing a gift with them.  He’s so well natured. We are totally and completely in love with him.

Mandy – MB

Nellie  “Nellie”She is a very sweet little girl~ couldn’t be any sweeter. She is exactly as you said she would be.  She’s a fine looking girl.

Lynne – GA

Sadie  “Sadie”Sadie is our second addition from Bev and quickly became friends with Howie. She is such a joy to have around the house.  Our vet has commented on what wonderful temperaments Sadie and Howie have. Sadie likes lots of attention and we love giving her that. Bev’s devotion to these dogs definitely shows with this little sweetheart.  Thanks again Bev!

Bob & Pat – MB

06-03-09mari2 “Milli”I am so glad I bought a puppy from you.  I want to thank you for all your early training.  It has saved me so much work.  You work wonders with these puppies.  Milli is so wonderful, I couldn’t ask for a better puppy.  I’m so glad I found you.

Holly – MB

Pilot  “Pilot”We are so glad that we got our puppy from Klein Hunde.  Pilot has been a wonderful addition to our family.  Bev is always willing to answer all my questions and give good advice.  Thanks.

Agata & Frank – BC

libby  “Squirt”We are enjoying her – she is just the right balance of quiet and cuddly and rambunctious energy. Thank you so much.
Betty – MB
jake_bandito  “Jake”He is a great little dog.  We take him everywhere.  He loves to camp.
 Beily “Beily”We’re absolutely loving the little sweetie.  She’s such a bright little thing & already I can’t imagine being without her.

Judy – SK

Owen09-11-09  “Owen”We are truly happy and in love with Owen.  He sort of just fit into our family like he’s been there all along.  Thank you so much for all your help and for giving us this wonderful boy!

Alexandria & Mike – MB

eva  “Eva”Bev and Randy love each dog like it was their own pet and it really shows in each of their dogs. We couldn’t imagine life without our little Eva and wouldn’t want to!  Thanks.

Chelsey & Adam – SK

Miracle  “Miracle”We are so happy to have both Miracle and Molly they are great with the grandchildren.  I am amazed at how patient they are with them.  Again Thank-you for raising such beautiful dogs they are wonderful to have.

Kim – MB

LARAMEE 2010  “Laramee”Laramee found his way into our home and our hearts.  He is our third adoption from Bev and quickly became buddies with Howie & Sadie.  He is a beautiful little guy with lots of love to give, a genuine lap dog.  Thank you for entrusting him to us Bev! Laramee puts a smile on our faces every day

Bob & Pat – MB

Deejay  “Deejay”Thanks for letting him come into our life and for all your early training.  It had made such a difference.  We were sure he would be a great dog after seeing how you relate to your dogs.  Remembering all their names and the responses they gave you shows how involved you are with them and all the love you have for them.

Stan & Marie – MB

oliver _beccas son  Oliver

He is gorgeous and his personality is just so loving and wonderful. He is such a character. Most of all he just loves to cuddle with me and give kisses.

Marge – ON